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  WAGS Recap Season 2 Episode 2 “Foul Play”  
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Natalie had to explain herself on tonight’s episode of “WAGS” because it seems she might have traumatized some of the new girls when she got into an argument with Autumn recently.
However, Natalie had plenty to say when she defended herself and she made sure that no one got the wrong idea about what led to that particular argument. Natalie explained that Autumn had apparently called her relationship with Shaun fake in front of everyone and that the incident was not that long ago. So Natalie went on to say that she thought Autumn would apologize for some of the things she said seeing as now it was her relationship that was coming under attack. What with a blog now claiming that Autumn’s husband Seyi was texting another woman behind her back.
So Natalie truly did think that Autumn would go “ok, maybe I shouldn’t dismiss someone else’s relationship out of hand”, but that didn’t happen. Autumn chose to instead ignore if not completely dismiss Natalie as a person and she refused to see that what she said earlier had been wrong. Yet, Autumn’s version of this same story was of course, different. She later told her husband that Natalie had tried to come for her by alleging a few things about their marriage so right away that showed Autumn had been on the defensive.
Autumn felt like Natalie had crossed a line when she mentioned her husband so she didn’t want to have anything to do with Natalie or Natalie’s friends for that matter. But unfortunately, neither party could cut the other completely off. They were all in the same circle and they had very good friends in common. So what that meant was that they both would simply have to try harder to get along if not for their sake then for Barbie and Nicole’s. And speaking of the good friends they have in common, everyone wanted to go to Spring Training in Arizona in order to see Barbie throw the first pitch.
Nicole for instance, wanted to go to Spring Training with her friends however she was worried about how her boyfriend Larry would react. Nicole and Larry have something of a unique relationship. She describes it as a power struggle what with them both wanting to prove that they were in charge so she had worried about the Spring Training thing because she didn’t want Larry to get jealous about her being around all those baseball players. Though Larry didn’t actually have a problem with it. He said fine when she told him her and then later he snuck in the part that he was going to Vegas with a few friends.
So there was going to be an accompanying Boys Weekend to her Girls’ Weekend. Yet, Nicole had forgot all about Larry’s trip when she went to Arizona with her friends and noticed how close they were to the baseball players. Nicole it seems had thought that they would be a little further back from the action, but instead, they had been super close to the players. And were given great seats to Barbie’s first pitch at the game which wasn’t as bad as Barbie thought it would be.
But Arizona wasn’t going to be such a perfect trip. The tension between Autumn and Natalie did spill over again and it happened because of an invite. Autumn had taken Nicole and Barbie aside to invite them back to the hotel with her so that they could meet her friend Jaclyn who was a baseball wife and the problem with what Autumn did came up because she had issued her invite in full view of Natalie and Olivia and completely ignored them. So it was a snub and yet at the same time Autumn didn’t have to invite them.
They all they had problems with each other before Spring Training and Autumn didn’t want to get to “hash things out” with Natalie and Olivia because she felt that they had Sophia fight their battles for them. Sophia though was still relatively new to the scene. Barbie and Nicole explained that Sophia was young and she only just came to town so that’s why she was the way she was. However, Autumn didn’t care. She felt like Natalie and Olivia should have talked to her if they had a problem and that Sophia should never have gotten involved.
And yet the thing about Sophia was that she constantly crossed the line. Sophia had sort of moved into her sister Olivia’s one bedroom apartment without asking. So Sophia clearly loves to push a few buttons. Though no matter how much Sophia may frustrate either Olivia or Natalie, they still didn’t see what was Autumn’s problem. Autumn had called them classless and reckless so Natalie felt that she should try to squash whatever problem Autumn had with her before things come to a head in an ugly way.
Only her and both Barbie and Nicole’s efforts to squash things just didn’t work out. Natalie tried to bring up how hurt she had been when Autumn had made statements about her relationship with Shaun so she tried to tell Autumn that she probably loves Shaun just as much as Autumn loves her own husband, but Autumn simply had to ruin it. She said that no the relationships weren’t the same. And then implied that boyfriend/girlfriend especially on a break, didn’t amount to what she had in her marriage to her husband. So again she managed to insult Natalie.

  WAGS Recap – Season 2 Episode 1 – Wags Collide  
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On this season of WAGS it gets a little heated, Barbie is in the works of planning for her wedding, while the other girls are fighting.

At the beginning of this episode Sasha had told Nicole that she wanted to throw Barbie a bridle shower, Nicole told her it was a good idea and she should, Sasha later met up with Barbie explaining how she felt bad that she missed her bachelorette party, and that she wanted to throw her a Bridle Shower, Barbie thought it was a good idea and wanted to invite Nicole, Sophia, Olivia and Natalie, even with everything that has already been going on between the girls and Sasha, Sasha agreed and asked Barbie if she was inviting Autumn, Barbie told Sasha that if she wanted to come she would love for her to come.

Natalie, Olivia, Sophia, Barbie and Nicole were all in the car wondering what this really was that Sasha was putting together as they all joked in the car that Barbie already had her Bachelorette party so it was just a bridle shower.

The girls had arrived to the house that Sasha had gotten for them as Barbie went over and hugged her saying it was amazing, the girls would later meet up for dinner and discuss the tension that was between Sasha, Olivia and Natalie. Sophia hit her with ever word as Sasha fired back and telling them that she doesn’t want to sound like she perfect.

Near the end of the episode we met Tia, the girls were all gathered with Autumn as Sophia introduced herself to Autumn and mentioned about the fact she called Natalie’s relationship fake, Barbie would later get up and leave because she found it ridiculous that Sophia felt like now was the time to hash stuff out with Autumn.

  Interview: Barbie Blank talks new show ‘WAGS’ on E! network  
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Barbie Blank chatted with Digital Journal about starring on E!’s hit series “WAGS,” which takes viewers into the lives of some of today’s hottest professional athletes from the perspective of the women who are by their side.
The first season of the popular reality show aired last fall and it will make its return to E! on June 26. “Well, I get married in this season!! So you will get to see everything when it comes to picking out my dress, some Bridezilla moments, and the ups and downs of planning a wedding. Then, of course you will see our gorgeous wedding and reception. I can’t wait for the fans to be able to feel like they were there,” she said.
Barbie is best-known in World Wrestling Entertainment as WWE Diva Kelly Kelly. She competed in WWE from 2006 to 2012 which included becoming the Diva’s Champion in 2011 and being featured on WWE Monday Night Raw, WWE Smackdown, and WrestleMania XXV. “My best memory would have to be winning the WWE Diva’s Championship! I felt like all of my hard work over the last five years had finally paid off, and it meant that the WWE and Vince McMahon really had a lot invested in me and recognized how much my job meant to me,” she said.
Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, Blank started her athletic career at a young age participating in competitive gymnastics, cheerleading, track and softball. She is married to retired NHL player Sheldon Souray, of the Anaheim Ducks.
On her future plans, she said, “Right now, my main focus is being a great wife to my husband. I’m very excited for season two of WAGS to premiere on June 26. I would love to do something in fitness whether it be endorsing fitness wear, or a fitness video, or really anything involving fitness since it is still such a huge part of my life. I also love acting, so if I had an opportunity to do more of that I would love to! I’m looking forward to seeing what opportunities this year has in store for me. The sky’s the limit.”
For her fans, she concluded, “I just want to thank them for always supporting me with whatever I do. They have always been so loyal all of these years since I was 19 and starting in the WWE and they have continued that into my new venture of being on the show WAGS. I just can’t thank them enough for always having my back. My fans mean everything to me.”

  Crush Of The Week: Model And WWE Veteran Barbie Blank Rocks A Bikini Like No Other  
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You might know Barbie Blank Souray as World Wrestling Entertainment star Kelly Kelly, but she’s done a whole lot more than dish out smackdowns on WWE’s Monday Night Raw. She’s made a successful jump from swimsuit modeling to acting. She has been featured in Maxim’s Hot 100 list multiple years in a row and profiled by FHM. She slayed it on FunnyOrDie, and if you’ve been following her career very closely, you might even have spotted her on The Price is Right.

Barbie Blank keeps her nearly three million loyal social followers updated with sizzling Instagram snaps and insider scoops on the latest WWE news while sporting the latest bikini trends and sharing plenty of selfies.

And it’s because of all of this that Barbie Blank is AskMen’s Crush of the Week. Let’s get to know her a little better.

1. Let’s start with your full name: 

Barbie Blank Souray

2. Where can our readers find/follow you?


3. Did you have a childhood nickname? What was it? 


4. Who was your biggest childhood crush?

Johnathan Taylor Thomas

5. What is your favorite Snapchat filter? 

I’m not on Snapchat yet. I’m still focusing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I haven’t made the transition to Snapchat yet.

6. What qualities would make you swipe right immediately?

I have no idea! I’m married!

7. What is the best gift you have ever received from a significant other?

My wedding ring

8. What is the worst thing a guy could do on a date?

Get too drunk!

9. What is your dream date?

Being cooked a nice dinner with a good movie.

10. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Online shopping for sure!!!

11. Three girl crushes you wanna shout out?

Margot Robbie, 
Megan Fox, 
Candice Swanepoel

12. Anything else you would like to plug?

I’m one of the stars on the reality show WAGS on E!. So tune in to season two starting June 26th.

  I Do, I Do: Fairytale ending for this wrestler, hockey star  
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Barbie Blank is a former WWE wrestler and current reality television star. Former National Hockey League player Sheldon Souray is credited with the hardest shot in the NHL at 106.7 miles per hour. They are quite the superstar couple.

But long before they met, Barbara Jean Blank was just a typical kid growing up in Jacksonville. She was a regular at Baymeadows Gymnastics, which her uncle owned. She attended University Christian and graduated from Englewood High School. While at Florida Community College at Jacksonville (as it was called then), she had dreams of becoming a news anchor. She also modeled for Venus Swimwear and Hawaiian Tropic, and her career took off.

Barbie became a professional wrestler known in the ring as Kelly Kelly. At age 19, she was the youngest wrestler at the time, eventually rising to become the WWE Divas Champion. The first time she met Sheldon, they barely said a word to each other. They eventually connected again at a Maxim Hot 100 party, where the stunning Barbie was featured as one of the “hot” ones. She even graced the cover of Maxim magazine in 2011.

“After that [Maxim party] night, we were inseparable,” Barbie said.

Sheldon, whose NHL career spanned 13 years, was awestruck,

“It was like time slowed down. She immediately took my breath away,” Sheldon said. “I remember thinking to myself this was by far the most amazing woman I had ever seen in my life.”

Sheldon proposed while the two were on a boat in the middle of a lake in Idaho.

“He started saying all of these emotional things like you are my soul mate,” Barbie said. “Then he played our favorite song, Tim McGraw’s ‘My Best Friend.’ He got on one knee and proposed. Sheldon planned it just right so that suddenly friends and family showed up on another boat with balloons and champagne.

They married on Feb. 27 on the beach at the exclusive El Dorado Golf & Country Club in Cabo, Mexico.

“The moment she walked down the aisle, it literally made my knees weak and my heart skip a beat,” Sheldon remembered.

Sheldon’s two daughters took part in the ceremony and they incorporated special vows just for the girls. A fireworks extravaganza was also part of the celebration. There were 100 guests, including model Cindy Crawford and “Scrubs” star John McGinley, along with a slew of athletes. Barbie was most grateful that her 85-year-old grandmother, Mary Reynolds, made the trip from Jacksonville. She had not been on a plane for 30 years, but she wanted to be there. They got her a passport, and she was the life of the party.

The busy couple splits time between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. They also have a home in Idaho. Barbie is getting ready for a second season of “WAGS” on the E! Network. The reality show documents the personal lives of wives and girlfriends of athletes. Both have busy schedules, but Sheldon says they always make time for each other.

“Each and every day, we tell each other and show each other how much we love each other. The best part of her leaving is the moment she walks back through the door,” Sheldon said.

Barbie and Sheldon try to make time to see her family in her hometown.

“While performing for the WWE, Jacksonville was my favorite city to go to. My friends and family back home are my No. 1 fans. I have never forgotten where I came from,” Barbie said.

Sheldon said the people in Jacksonville remind him of being back in his native Canada: “Very friendly and eager to help,” adding that the beaches are “beyond beautiful.”

Not only are the Jacksonville beaches beautiful, Sheldon is quick to point out another local’s good looks. “Did I mention that she is the most gorgeous woman in the world?”

Barbie equates their relationship to a fairytale: “We have a love many people dream of. We are so happy to spend the rest of our lives together.”

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